Our Centers

Our centers provide residents access to a computer, internet, and local services. They also serve as a community hub for activities and community building, some may provide an after school program in conjunction with community activities.

Residents can expect to find a community resource dedicated to strengthening themselves as an individual, promote family growth and building communities.

Service Coordination program

Some sites serve an aging or disabled population that may require assistance to maintain independent living. Our service coordinators link residents to existing services and resources within the community, assist in building an informal support network among themselves and encourage them to be proactive in meeting their social, psychological and physical needs.

Service coordinators also provide conflict resolution assistance as appropriate and seek out assistance within existing community resources when needed in order to help our residents maintain a healthy and meaningful life of independence.

HUD Multifamily Service Coordinator Program

NWRECC Stepping Stones offer Quality Assurance, which is an impartial evaluation by a third party that provides checks and balances to ensure a consistent and competent service coordinator program is effectively implemented and in compliance with the HUD service coordinator grant agreements. NWRECC Stepping Stones quality assurance program provides goals and outcome measurements so that the Service Coordinator may measure themselves against a benchmark of effective performance and standards.

NWRECC Stepping Stones provides Service Coordinator training that meets the required HUD Service Coordinator continuing education requirements.

Resident Services

Resident service plans – A wide variety of resident service plans are available and programs are tailored to fit each community. Our resident assessments, monitoring, tracking and reporting tools allows us to continually re-evaluate services and track the success of each program, and provide monthly reports to our business partners.

HUD Neighborhood Networks – We provide business plan development, construction and operation of computer learning centers.